Saturday, September 1, 2007

Gummiträd i Belterra

Old rubber trees at Belterra close to Santarem, Brazil january 2007.

Belterra is a village and rubber plantation site some 40 km South of the city of Santarem at the edge of the Planalto. Belterra has been founded as a rubber plantation after the economic failure of Fordlandia in 1934 by Ford. The intention of the US-Department of Commerce in the 1920s was to produce rubber in Brazil and to import it to USA. The advantage of the Belterra plantation vs. the plantation of Fordlandia 100 km South is the flat topography, which enables the use of machinery. In its peak time in the late 1930s some 50 km² were cultivated with Hevea Brasiliensis (Wikipedia).

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