Monday, July 21, 2008

Norwegian wood in Rjukan, 2

Habitat for the norwegian Tallmaja? Rjukan in july 2008.

Norwegian wood in Rjukan

What does it look like inside the woods on the steep hills? Like this in Rjukan, Norway in july 2008.

Old olive trees in Mattinata, Italy

Mattinata, Gargano june 2008.

Peace dove with an olive branch

San Pietro in Vaticano, Rome june 2008.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pine cones Vignanotica, Gargano

2 cones of pine on a walk down to the beach at Vignanotica, Gargano Italy in june 2008.

Olivetrees on a walk to Vignanotica, Gargano

A beautiful walk down to the beach at Vignanotica in Italy in june 2008.

Platan in Rome

Somewhere along the river Tevere, june 2008.

Palm in Rome

Not so far away from Piazza del Popolo in june 2008.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Orto Botanica in Roma

If you are searching for a peaceful and beautiful place in Rome, away from the crowds go to the botanical garden, Orto Botanico. Here som pictures from av visit on the 24th of june 2008.


Leguminaceae Kladastris Kentukea (North america)

Leaves from Kentukea

Unknown fungi on a unknown tree

Sterculiaceae Brachychiton Popuneus

Leaves of Popuneus

Ulmaceae Zelkova Serrata
(Taiwan, China)


Sterculiaceae Firmiana Simplex
(Taiwan, China)

Foresta Umbra, Gargano

Foresta Umbra is a nature reserve in Gargano, Puglia Italy. Here some pictures of rooms shaped by beautiful trees. June 2008.

Burned trees , Vieste Gargano Italy

Close to Vieste in Gargano, Puglia. From a fire in 2007. Pictures from june 2008.